Camborne Music Festival

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The Cornish have always been known for our love of music, and we’re no different here in Camborne. Each November, amateur musicians, singers, choirs, composers and groups of all ages gather to perform and compete in more than 200 categories.  This year's music festival is on from 14th November to 18th November 2017.

Since taking over from the Wesley Eisteddfod in 1970, the Camborne Music Festival has become a staple of the local calendar that attracts all sorts of musicians from the area to compete in a celebration of song.

The competitions are open to amateur singers and musicians of all ages and abilities so there’s always something different around the corner. Choirs, barbershop groups, soloists, duos, trios and bands — we’ve got the lot.

In 2017, the festival runs from Tuesday 14th November until Saturday 18th November.

We’re hugely proud of our brass bands and choirs, some of which have their roots in our local mining industry, so be sure to come and have a listen — you may even be lucky enough to catch a traditional performance in the Cornish language. Splánn!

“Yth aswonnyn hy thas,
Y'n band 'hwarias,
Owth yskynna Bre Gammbronn

Bre Gambronn, traditional Cornish song