Trevithick Day

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Trevithick Day festival in Camborne

When April rolls around, so do the steam engines – as the people of Camborne gather for singing, dancing, parades, and all manner of steam-related fun as we celebrate Trevithick Day, to honour our most famous son, the engineer Richard Trevithick.

This year, Trevithick Day will be taking place on Saturday 28th April 2018.

You’ll want to get here early to get a good view of the goings on, as there are all sorts of things to see and do. You’ll enjoy vintage vehicles, stationary steam engines, model exhibitions, fairground rides, miniature steam engines, a steam parade and plenty more besides.

(Given Trevithick’s achievements, it’s only fitting that there’s a lot of steam.)

Our talented local performers are out in numbers, too — from choirs and clowns to buskers, dancers and street theatre, there’s something to entertain all ages.

Trevithick Day festival in Camborne, Cornwall

There are traditional dances during the day, too, with school children performing the Bal Maidens and Miners Dance in the morning, and residents in Camborne performing Trevithick’s Dance in the afternoon – telling the story of Trevithick’s engine while clad in the Cornish colours of black and yellow.  

Rain or shine, it’s a brilliant day out – to stay informed, click the link below. 

“Going up Camborne Hill, coming down
Going up Camborne Hill, coming down
The horses stood still;
The wheels went around;
Going up Camborne Hill coming down.”

Camborne Hill, traditional Cornish song