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Richard Trevithick, inventor.

It’s not every town that can justifiably claim to have changed the world. But Camborne has – and more than once, too. 

Richard Trevithick built his ‘Puffing Devil’ – the steam carriage that gave rise to trains and cars – right here… and tested it for the first time on Camborne Hill (or, as we call it, Fore Street). And when you hear how Cornish miners took their skills and machinery right around the globe, don’t forget that expertise was probably learned at Camborne School of Mines – and the gear was likely Holman Brothers’ finest. Here in Camborne, we’ve always been good at making things. And one of them is history.

Richard Trevithick White Statue

Richard Trevithick

Discover how Camborne’s great inventor changed everything…

King Edward Mine

Tin Mining Heritage

Camborne’s mining expertise went deeper – and further – than anyone else…

Camborne Heritage Trail. Credit: Bernie Pettersen

Our Heritage Trail

Walk the streets where history was made…